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June 5th, 2019

We're open!!

Brunch and dinner every day (except Tuesdays for the month of June so our staff can rest!)

Come see us!

May 18th, 2019

Hello friends!

Sooooo early-May ish has come and gone, but the good news is we have passed all our inspections and are gearing up to open the last week of May!  YES! It's true. 

So here's the plan...

We will softly open for dinner on Wednesday 5/29!  We'll serve dinner through the weekend and close on Monday 6/3 and Tuesday 6/4 to gather ourselves, build on the lessons we've learned, and let our staff rest!  We'll be open for all day business (YES! Brunch and dinner!) starting on Wednesday 6/5!  Just for the month of June, we'll be closed on Tuesdays (opening a restaurant is exhausting!) and then after that - the daily brunch and dinner service (from 9am to 10pm) that you've come to know.

Still with me?

This week, we had orientation and met our new staff.  It was amazing.  Truthfully, it's been nerve wracking.  A lot of heart, hard work, hope, and money has gone into building our restaurant out, there's a lot of pressure to do well by our neighborhood, our loyal GLK customers, our family back at the O-GLK!  But this week, as we gather our new little family, it has all felt so good.  So right and we're just a little more at ease knowing that we have a warm, loving crew to travel this journey with.

Please bring all your smiling faces to come see us soon.  We want to thank you in person for all your peeks through the windows, encouraging instagram messages, and warm support.  

We could not do it without you!


May, Dave, and the GLK Family

March 30th, 2019

Hello friends, neighbors, and loved ones,

We are getting closer and closer!  How close, you ask?  Our estimate for our grand opening is early May-ish!  Our restaurant is coming together quite nicely! We have gorgeous tiles, banquettes, paints, cabinetry, and lights.  We will be getting our equipment soon and then decor.  We are just so excited to finally share our space with you!

We are currently looking for our new family, could this be you?  Someone you know?  We are hiring all positions!  Please send in resumes to or come to our community job fair on Tuesday, April 9th 1-5pm with resume in hand.  We would love to meet you! 2042 MacArthur Blvd/Dimond.

Please join our mailing list for more info

Now back to work!

May and David Wasem...and the GLK fam!

February 4th, 2019

Hi everyone!

April-ish is just around the corner, so we thought we'd update everyone!  Construction is going great!  We have walls and gorgeous tile floors - the space is really starting to take shape.  Our construction crews are working away tirelessly - we sure appreciate them!  

Back at GLK headquarters (come visit our Lake Merritt location if you have not already!), we are busy preparing for our new venture.  If you know any talented, happy, hospitable folks, send them our way! We are starting to hire our management team. First drafts of the menus are underway! The food menu will be very similar to that of our original.  Beautifully sourced and cared for, tasty, sometimes healthy, and crave-able classics as well as other food that we like to cook and eat!  We are also deep into R&D on tasty cocktails, wines, coffees, and more!  It's a tough job, but hey - we're here for you!

What's in a name?  Many have asked why we decided to name our second restaurant, Grand Lake Kitchen.  We're in the Dimond after all!  Right?  If we're being completely honest, our first restaurant isn't actually in Grand Lake either, it's in Adam's Point.  Grand Lake is more than a location to us - it's a spirit.  After being in business for six years, we are known as a vibrant and inclusive gathering place - offering warm service, delicious food and drink.  We wanted that sense of trust to carry over to our new home.  Of course, a restaurant is nothing without the people who work and dine in them.  So each location has a spirit of its own.  We're so excited to create, meet, and be the one in the Dimond. 

More later - stay dry, loved ones!

May and David Wasem...and the GLK fam!

October 14th, 2018

Hi everyone!

After a long wait, we have been approved to put a restaurant in... an existing restaurant space!  Hard to believe that we have held the lease since December of 2017.  But the good news is, construction is underway.  With a large amount of work to do, we have an estimated opening date of February/March/April-ish!  Check back here or sign up for our newsletter here for updates along the way.

We are so grateful for all the kind words and support from Dimond residents, community groups, Council Member Annie Campbell Washington, our landlords, regulars, family and friends!  

We can't wait to be in the Dimond!

May and David Wasem...and the GLK fam!