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"Husband/wife duo May Seto and David Wasem have crafted one of the best brunches in town."

- SF Chronicle

"Grads of Park Tavern and Delfina are behind this Oakland deli just off Lake Merritt doing wallet-friendly salads, sides and 'to-die-for' made to order sandwiches."

- ZAGAT, SF Bay Area Restaurants Guide

"The open-faced egg-salad sandwich that Seto and Wasem have dubbed the 'Oyako' --One of the most delicious things I ate all last year." 

- Luke Tsai, East Bay Express

"A note on coffee: Grand Lake's is great. Grand Lake Kitchen's cramming a lot of skill into a small space -- and judging from the crowds cramming in there, too, the neighborhood knows just how good they have it." 

- San Jose Mercury News